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Shared use comes to an end, cyclists continue on the road at this junction. CYCLISTS REJOIN CARRIAGEWAY

This strange mix of shared use and no cycling on the same pole is still here at the end of 2018. See #28576.

Shared use joins carriageway at a short advisory cycle-lane ahead of a pinch point.

This sign has evolved to grow up through the dense foliage and flower to reveal it's vital message: Cyclists Dismount to warn of the unmarked crossing of an industrial road.

Dangerously overgrown cycleway near this cycle crossing of the A5, Hinckley.

Dangerously overgrown bush near this cycle crossing of the A5, Hinckley. See #99974

Awful, dreadful. End of a short piece of shared use footway.

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council CYCLING & BALL GAMES PROHIBITED but as much car storage as you want.

Cars already being stored half on the footway at this unfinished new development - what more proof is necessary that something is fundametally wrong with the design of these streets?

Wheel benders at Hinckley golf club. These do get used - see #58308 and #58309.

This is the only apparent way out for pedestrians, despite the alarming signage.

Locked pedestrian exit from a car park in Hinckley. Most pedestrians turned back to leave through the motor car exit heavily adorned with No Pedestrian signs. Se #58175.

Crummy cycle parking outside the former offices of Hinckley and Bosworth borough council.

A pinch point on Coventry Road, Hinckley

Needlessly awkward chicane.

Stupid end to a useful cycleway.

The A444 passing Twycross zoo, the width of the road and volume of traffic make this very hostile for cycling.

Death by mall.

(2) Surface of cycle track washed away, exposing large stones underneath, making riding hazardous. Also Link to this photo: #45167

(1) Surface of cycle track washed away, exposing large stones underneath, making riding hazardous. Also see photo #45168

Car storage accommodated bit cycling prohibited.

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council want you to know that if your bike is nicked from here then you're on your own mate. The actual text reads: 66 These racks are used at your sole risk The council accepts NO LIABILITY whatsoev ... [more]

Castle Street Hinckley, one-way and apparently 'NO CYCLING' according to this non-standard and hence probably invalid sign.

If you want to go straight on here, turn left, do a youey (a u turn) and then turn left. No attempt here made to cater for the cyclist and pedestrians are boxed in and controlled to give way to the mighty motor vehicle.

Lots of space for car parking - but no space apparently for cycling - yet the presence of the mean spirited no cycling sign here does suggest there is a desire to use this as a convenient cut through!

The sign on the right says "Pedestrians be aware of construction traffic" - which is of course the wrong way around!

I suppose this cycle road marking is a reminder to drivers that cyclists exist? I don't know its actual significance. Coventry Road, Hinckley.

A well worn out no cycling sign, probably the reason for no dropped kerb here.

The no cycling sign here demonstrates that there is a desire for cycling along here, but that the need has not been met. It should be easily possible to make this a cyclable route - if there was the will.

Loads of room here could make a really convenient cut-through that is cyclable. The "No Cycling" symbol is really a sign that there is a desire for this to be cyclable, and that there is failed permeability and planning.

A mysterious safety zone with incomprehensible road markings here. What is that white dashed line along the left side of the road, is it a parking area, or is it a cycle lane (less likely) ? I say mysterious because everywhere on the roa ... [more]

I find this section of road rather uncomfortable to ride because its a busy road and feels very closed in, and the corner ahead is a bit blind.

Signalised crossroads on Hinckley bypass (Normandy Way and Ashby Road) has no phase for pedestrians or cyclists using the shared use path

Cycling prohibited on the shared use path on the Hinckley bypass (Normandy Way). Blue signs are only advisory so presumably the red cycling prohibited sign trumps the blue one for this section. Welcome to Leicestershire 2011 - yes to ... [more]

Semi-official panels - saying No Cycling. Rising bollards.

No cycling panels have been added to this 'pedestrian zone' in Castle Street, Hinckley. I don't know if they are legal, and its not clear from the signage here when they are in force. Comparing with #10622 from 2007 I notice the missing Z ... [more]

Two covered cycle parking areas, see #19620.

This cycle parking, though perhaps slightly better than before is still hopeless and insecure. The racks are held in place by bolts that could easily be unscrewed by a 13 mm spanner. The only redeeming feature of this cycle storage is ... [more]

No cycling signs that have been added to the back of one-way arrows. These appear to have been turned arround since #10622.

No Entry signs with the illegal No Cycling panels are still here several months after they were reported.

One way sign with No Cycling panel.

The no entry signs, with their ridiculous "No Cycling" sub-panels did not stop this van driver going the wrong way up this 'pedestrianised' one-way street.

"No Cycling" panels have been added to these One Way street signs in Castle Street, Hinckley. What these signs are in effect saying is that all vehicles except cycles are permitted. Unless I've missed something big in cycling, these signs a ... [more]

The up arrows at either side of the street indicate that this is a one-way street. The panels underneath say "No Cycling", but the correct sign for no cycling is circular with a red border with a cycle symbol in the middle. Therefore the ... [more]

The "No Cycling" panel underneath this No Entry sign is redundant, and probably illegal.

Whichever Highway Authority is currently responsible for Hinckley - and its not alway obvious who is dong what these days - but whoever it is, they have lost the plot completely. These No Cycling panels have recently appeared in this one wa ... [more]

Leicestershire Highways Authority have advised me that for this 'No Cycling' sign... "there is no trace of an order being made and I suspect the 'no cycling sign' was simply put up on site without the associated written order.' They have ... [more]

More dreadful 'nappy pin' 'cycle parking'. The user here has rammed their down tube into the middle of the spiral.

Horrible 'nappy pin' cycle parking, here in the centre of Hinckley.

This is a particularly horrible stretch of road for pedestrians. Cars are parked on both sides of the road, either completely on the pavement or accross it. These 'shark's teeth' are evidence of speeding traffic approaching the zebra crossi ... [more]

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